Sunday, October 12, 2008

DIY Deity Jewelry: Bracelets- Part 1

Double Stranded Wire Bracelets

These "double stranded wire bracelets" are my favourite because they are easy to put on my deities and they are quite simple to make.
First of all, the supplies you require for these bracelets are as follows:

  1. Beading Wire (make sure the gauge of the wire is not too wide for the aperture in the beads you choose TIP: the bigger the gauge number the thinner the wire)
  2. Beads of your choice (using different colours and shapes can create different looking styles using this technique)
  3. Toothpick or other round object (for larger deities I recommend a larger object such as the end of a paintbrush)
  4. Wire cutters
  5. Pliers

Step 1: Using the wire cutters cut a piece of wire approximately 5-6 times longer than the final length of the bracelets. Bend the wire in half and place the toothpick or other round object in the middle (as shown above).

Step 2: Twist the wire together 2-3 times creating a loop and remove the toothpick. This loop will be used to hold the 'tail' of the bracelet so make sure it is big enough to allow you to easily fasten the bracelet on your deities.

Step 3: At this point you should have a loop with two pieces of wire sticking out from it. Begin stringing the beads onto the two pieces of wire ensuring you have the same number of beads on each strand. Experiment with different colours and shapes to create interesting patterns. TIP: if you are using large beads begin and end each strand with 1-2 small seed beads to help the bracelet keep its shape.

Step 4: Use the pliers to hold the two strands of wire together (approximately 1- 2 cm away from the beads), and begin twisting until you have a nicely braided tail. Then use the wire cutters to cut the tail down ensuring you have enough to hook into the loop at the opposite end of the bracelet. I recommend leaving it a bit long until you try the bracelets on your deities you can be sure they fit properly.
The finished product, when dressing all you need to do is feed the tail into the loop and bend it into a hook to keep the bracelet in place.

Stay tuned for DIY Deity Jewelry: Bracelets- Part 2: Beaded Elastic Bracelets

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