Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Storing Deity Jewelery

Over the years I’ve tried a number of different options for storing my deities' jewellery and have found a system that works best for me. I've tried small plastic zip lock bags to store the jewelery sets that were then placed into larger zip lock bags with the matching outfit. However, the problem with this system is if you want to mix and match different jewellery you have to go searching through all the sets. As such, the system I currently use keeps all the jewellery easily on hand so it’s easy to find a specific item when you're dressing your deities. The system basically uses storage boxes you can find at any craft store. I use one with large compartments (designed to hold spools of thread) to hold the larger crowns and mukut pieces. This container also has some larger compartments (I believe designed to hold sewing scissors) that come in handy for storing flutes and other accessories. I also use similar containers with smaller adjustable compartments to store the necklaces, bracelets, and smaller crowns. When selecting your storage container look for one that has a lid that closes tightly, this will help keep the jari (metallic thread) work on the crowns and mukut pieces form tarnishing over time. Additionally, I find the inside of the lid comes in handy for storing peacock feathers. I just use blutack to stick them to the inside of the lid so when I need them they're ready to use.

Even with this system I’ve found it difficult to keep track of the small bracelets. This can be a bit annoying when you're dressing and you can't find the other piece of a pair of bracelets. This is especially a problem with the elastic ones, with the bracelets that open and close the two pieces can be linked together to keep the pair from getting separated. To solve this problem I've recently begun storing the bracelets on safety pins to keep the matching pairs together.

Stay tuned I’ll be posting more techniques for necklaces in the coming weeks. A few readers have requested instructions for belts and turbans and I will be working on those as well. If you have any requests feel free to email me


Anonymous said...

interesting how everyone does their Deity stuff differently. With mine, I have a craft box that stands upright with little drawers that you pull out. I have it arranged by color with the exception of a few drawers for different ornaments that dont really need to be separated by color. For little things like earrings, bracelets, payal etc. I have little tiny bags that I put them in and they go the the coordinating drawer.

Do you know anything about making Deity hair? I've tried and it doesnt look so nice. My Madanmohan has had the same cheap hair from India for about 4 years and I think He would like to have that nice silky curly hair you can get from the craft store.

Vijay Teli said...

I know the boxes with drawers you're taliking about, I've seen a few temples use these to store earing and other accessories. I use one with larger drawers to store my oils, q-tips, chandan, camphor, and other stuff I use on a daily basis.

When I got my deities 10 years ago, the frst thing I did was throw away the wigs they came with. I thought nothing was better than those wigs (looked like black yarn). Recently I made a wig for my Govindaji for Janmastami and was happy with how it turned out here's a pic: http://picasaweb.google.ca/vijayteli/MyDeities#5251085219634755570
Basically I used synthetic hair extensions as I wanted long flowing hair, however it hasn't held up too well as its only tied together. I recently bought a ready made wig to see how it was put together and actually liked how it looked so I have been using it but don't like the stiff hair, I will be trying a few techniqies over the winter break to come up with some way of making wigs so stay tuned for a post if everything goes according to plan.

Syamesvari dd recently had a post about the wigs she modified for her deities, I believe they are a similar size to yours so this may work for you (see the comments she explains what she used) http://avaisnavisvoice.blogspot.com/2008/12/hair-glorious-hair.html

PS I think we've met, were you in NV for Festival of Inspiration this year?

Anonymous said...

I was at New Vrindavan for Festival of Inspiration! When did we meet? I was really really sick at that time.

I kept Madanmohans hair since it was decent looking, but Radharani's was really ugly and frizzy so I threw it out. I used embroidery thread for Her hair and its okay, but its missing that shine and naturalness of synthetic hair.

I did see Syamesvari DD's post and thats what made me start thinking about it again. Maybe I'll take a shot at hair making again.

Anuradha Keshavi said...

Hare Krishna prabhuji!
Wow....you actually have a blog on my obsession too!! :) Please do keep posting photos and different techniques and how to better our deity worship.
As I was reading the comments, I too would like to know how to make flowy, silky wigs.
Can I have a link to Shyameshvari DD's post? I just stumbled on your blog today from arcana tribe...

Vijay Teli said...

Haribol, thanks for the words of encouragement, here's link to Shyameshvari DD's post:

stgeorgejewelers said...
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Tracey Pullman said...

Who would not want to have amazing jewellery like this.

Unknown said...

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