Monday, March 16, 2009

DIY Deity Jewellery: Necklaces- Part 4

Modifying Ready-Made Jewellery
This year for Gaura Purnima I wanted to try something different than the typical beaded jewellery I always make. I like buying ready-made jewellery and it them apart for the beads and other pieces. This is really versatile for small deities as most of the ready-made jewellery available will not fit properly.
In this case, I used two necklaces purchased from a local Indian clothing store. The necklaces are basically made of jeweled pieces that have a hole on each end separated by beads on two strands of wire. I simply snipped the wires and removed the beads and jeweled pieces. I like to use these pieces individually as earrings for Radha Govindaji or nose rings Jagannatha and Baladeva.

The basic technique for Radharani's and Gaura Nitia's necklaces are the same as the Multi-Stranded Necklaces with two needles being used. The two holes in the jeweled pieces were used to weave the seed beads being around the jeweled pieces. Govindaji's necklace was simply made with a single needle and just beading around the single jeweled piece creating a pendant. Radharani's crown was also made using a similar jeweled piece along with wire and seed beads, detailed instructions for these crowns will be posted shortly.
More pictures of my deities from Gaura Purnima can be found here.


antony brennan said...

I wAnt to learn how to make flower garlands, can you say something about that

Hare Krishna

Vijay Teli said...

I am working on two garland posts:
Shortly I will post about dred frut and nut garlands for abhishek and in the summer I will post about flower garlands I plan on showing a few different methods so I will need different types of flowers so I will need alot of flowers so I'll wait for my garden to be in full bloom.

antony brennan said...

fantastic I can't wait. Thanks for letting me know

Vraja-lila dd said...

Hare Krishna!
I`ve just discovered your blog,and I`m loving it!
Please keep posting!