Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DIY Deity Jewellery: Necklaces- Part 3

Multi-tier Necklaces
These necklaces are easy to make and the technique can be modified to add or subtract tiers. This style creates the look of multiple necklaces but because it is a single piece you don’t need to worry about different necklaces getting tangled, making dressing really simple.


  1. Polyester Sewing Thread
  2. Extra Fine Beading Needle
  3. Seed Beads
  4. Decorative Beads (5 crystal bi-cones and 6 glass beads)
  5. Scissors
    Step 1: Begin by double stringing a generous length of the sewing thread on to your needle and tying a stop bead (simply tie a knot around a seed bead) towards the end, leaving a 3-4 inch tail.

    Step 2: String on 8-10 seed beads followed by a crystal bi-cone, then string on more seed beads to the desired length of the first necklace.

    Step 3: Next, string on one glass bead, a crystal bi-cone and three seed beads. To create the pendant, pass the needle back through the crystal bi-cone and pull the thread all the way through.

    Step 4: Complete the second side of the necklace with the glass bead, seed beads, crystal bi-cone and the seed beads. Then securely tie the ends of the string together.

    Step 5: Now to create the second tier pass the needle back through the seed beads and crystal bi-cone. Then you can begin stringing on your seed beads adding a few more than you did for the first tier to ensure this necklace will sit below the first one. Continue with the pattern as you did for the first necklace and securely tying off the thread.

    Step 6: At this point you could finish your necklace with two tiers, or you can repeat step five with more seed beads to create a third tier.

Some examples of these Multi-tier necklaces: Laddu Gopal’s and Radharani’s three tier necklaces were made using different patterns and beads for each tier. I really like these simple two tier necklaces as they make dressing my Gaura Nitai really easy.


Anonymous said...

Haribol. Thank you so much for your continued beading patterns, both my daughter and I really enjoyed creating jewlery for our deities and as presents for friends as well. I have 6 inch Gaura Nitai deities and am having trouble making crowns for them. If you have any suggestions or a tutorial on crowns that you could post on your wonderful blog I would be very much obliged.
Thank you again for this service, your work is very much appreciated.
Hari Hari.

Himanshu said...

Hari Bol, I am wondering if someone can help me. Does anyone know of a person that makes clothing including pag (turban) for marble deities? I have a 3 foot tall one in my home and the clothing is starting to get old, I did not have much luck when I was in India this time around. Please let me know. Truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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