Thursday, January 28, 2010


One of the advantages of living in a diverse metropolitan city is that exotic items are readily available for offering to their lordships. For some time I've wanted to offer nice fragrant flowers to my deities. However most of the commercially grown flowers available in the market are virtually scentless. So for Nityananda Trayodashi I wanted something different, luckily I was able to find a store that regularly gets fresh jasmine from India. The simple jasmine (mogra) buds made perfect garlands for Gaura Nitai, thier sweet fragrance filling the altar.


Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna Prabhu!

I just came across your blogs when i was looking for jewellery making tips!Your deities look wonderful.It would be of great help if you could post some tutorials on making deity clothes too.

rad said...

Hare Krishna Prabhu!!

please accept my humble obeisances!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful service you're rendering...Just chanced upon ur blog and it was a dream come true..The instructions are very clear and Their Lordships look fabulous.Why dont you paint their lotus lips,prabhu? That wud b very nice.

I wud be very grateful if you cud kindly also teach us how to make turbans,crowns,clothes,...etc.

Thanking you again!!
Dandavats _o'/\_

Vijay Teli said...

Thank you, I plan on haming my deites painted this summer but am having diffculty finding the appopriate paints.

I hope to do a post on turbans soon! I don't have too much experence with deity outfits but am currently experimenting with some ideas so we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Just chanced upon your blog. Where did you get these lovely krishna idols?