Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Deity Jewellery: Intricate Belts

This tutorial for these intricate belts was put together by Raghunath Prabhu from Alachua. Please check out his blog: Radha Madan Mohan- The all merciful Ones where you can have darshan of his deities and the amazing jewelery he makes. Their jewelery is so well made I'm sure it will be a great source of inspiration and ideas.

The tutorial demonstrates the process for creating the base of these belts, from there you can let your creativity flow and the possibilities are virtually endless!


  1. Seed beads and matching beads in various shapes and sizes
  2. Beading needle
  3. Beading thread, Raghunath prabhu recommends Beadalon Wildfire (available from Michaels) as it does not fray which is good for when you make errors and have to go back through their beads you've already strung.
  4. Pipe cleaners (optional for tying the belt, ribbon or chord can also be used)

Step 1: Make a knot on your first seed bead. Then string on four blue seed beads followed by two purple seed beads, then come back up through the last two blue beads. Look at the pictures carefully, notice which direction the needle is going. In this pic the needle is going up through the last two blue beads. This will make the two purple beads be next to the two light blue beads.

Step 2: Now string on a gold seed bead (you cant see it in this pic) and come down through three blue seed beads.

Step 3: Now string on your bigger bead on and go up through the two purple seed beads.

Step 4: You have now finished one round of this pattern. Now string on add two blue seed beads and two purple seed beads.

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7: When it is as big as you want it, make a little loop of beads and go into the bottom big beads.

Step 8: Now in this step you can decide how circular you want it.The more space you take up at the bottom the more circular it will be. At this step I go back to the other side sometimes adding seed beads until I get to the other side. I then make a loop on that side.

Step 9: When you get here you can let your creativity free. You can now do whatever you want to make a beautiful belt. I would like to see some your creations for your deities. Good luck. Ask questions if you would like.

The finished product!

Special thanks to Raghunath prabhu for putting this together (originally in the Home Deity Sewing and Jewelry FB Group).

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