Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facebook Group!

Who would have though Facebook of all places would be the perfect venue for devotees to share ideas and tips for deity sewing and jewellery. A few weeks ago I was invited to join the Home Deity Sewing and Jewelry Facebook Group. Since then the group has been a great source of inspiration for new projects as well as a nice venue to share pictures and ideas. I suggest everyone to check it out!

Group Description:
This group is a place where devotees who enjoy sewing and making jewelry for their deities can get together and discuss creative ideas, new techniques or anything that may inspire others in their seva.


NH said...

Prabhu, I would like to thank you as your blog has been an inspiration to me.

Would also like to say that Sri Sri Radha Govindaji and all your deities are so very beautiful.

Can you suggest somewhere that i can get details on cutting and making the outfits?

Unknown said...

Great blog. Please keep it up. Many devotees are very I treated in deity worship. All glories to your service.

Unknown said...

I meant many devotees are interested in deity worship but my spell checker disagreed with me : )

Anonymous said...

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